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It's Finally Over!!!

Well everyone, after being away from home for a month, two weeks of that sitting at airports, we are finally home!!!!!  We ended up having to fly into Spain and spend two days there before we got home, but we made it home last Tuesday.  I would have posted sooner, but with the jet lag and then getting sick after getting here, I was just too worn out.  
I will be back to crafting soon, meaning this week, and posting regularly.  I'm still fighting a little of this bug and then the morning sickness, or as I call it, all day sickness is really kicking my butt. But I will be back at it this week!!! Happy Crafting!!!!

Another Bump in the Road!!

I hope you all have been having a GREAT time!!!!
For those who read my earlier posts/ updates you know at the beginning of this month we started a journey to the states to visit family and it took us 7 days to get a flight out.  We spent 7 days sitting at an airport terminal, ugh right??  LOL.  Well on the 25th we started our journey home.  On Friday the 26th my husband and our oldest son got out on a plane.  Due to hurricane Irene all airports on the east coast were closing down, so my mom and brother drove down from NY and got my youngest and I out of the path of Irene.  On Tuesday evening my mom drove us back to Dover, DE to try for flights out.  Since then we have tried for flights in Dover, Andrews AFB in MD and McGuire AFB in NJ, and no luck.  We are now back in Dover and we are just going to stay here until we can get a flight out.  This really has been the worst trip ever, travel wise, the visits were GREAT!!!  I just can't wait to get home, see my family and get back to c…