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Gameboard ATCs

I made these ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) for a swap that I entered in at Craft Happens.  It is a great site with lots of talented women!!  The site is free so please check it out :)
For this swap we needed to make 4 ATCs about a favorite boardgame.  I very clearly chose Yahtzee!!

I just love all of the colors!!!

I hope these inspire you to create something with stuff you already have in your home :)
Happy Crafting!!!!

Matchbox Video Tutorial

Hello Followers!
As a hostess at Mini Album Scraps one of the swaps that I host is the Altered Matchbox Swap.  Now, I know there are people out there that can't get matchboxes, or just have no use for the matches so why buy boxes full of them...?  Well I have made this video with people like you in mind.  I worked out how to create what is considered the "large" matchbox so you can make them out of cardstock!  Also on the Mini Album Scraps site we have a "Templates" page where you can find links to templates and tutorials for all of the other matchboxes shown in this video!!!  
This video is long, but I hope it clears up any size confusion you may have and helps you to find and create the size matchbox you are looking for!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

Haul From the Mini Album Scraps Store

Hello Followers!!!
I know a lot of you out there have heard of the Ning sites and are even members of some of them.  Well I'm a member and a hostesses at Mini Album Scraps.  The site is FREE to join and FREE to swap, you just have to pay for your postage!!!  I know, great isn't it??!!  We will have a bunch of new swaps opening on October 1st so if you aren't already a member please head over and check us out!!!!
We also have a store on the site with lots of great stuff available!!!  I wanted to share this video with you all, it's a haul of great stuff that I ordered from the store!!!

I hope you will head over and join our site and enter in some of our great swaps!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

Journaling Spot Tutorial

In the Gratitude Junk Journal that I made I made a journaling/ photo mat spot to put in it.  I recently had a request to show how to make it, so I did a video tutorial for it.  I'm really liking doing videos now so I'm hoping there are many more to come!!!

I hope this tutorial inspires you to create one and maybe even add your own unique twist to it :)
Happy Crafting!!!!

Graphic 45 A Proper Gentleman Mini Album

I can't believe it's taken me this long to make this post!!!  This is a video of a mini album that I made for my mom.  It is a memory album of her late husband.  He past away on July 5th, 2011 after a battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  I wanted to make my mom an album to hold all of her favorite pictures of him and this is what I can up with.
I used Kraft cardstock for the base pages and the base of the photo mats.  Then I used Graphic 45's A Proper Gentleman paper collection to decorate it and a tan colored cardstock for the photomats.  
The tabs for the photomats were made using the Stampin' Up! Large Round Tab punch, which I just recently got and I'm in love with it!!!
Corrections:  Cover is made of chipboard wrapped with cardstock not made of just  cardstock.  Tim Holtz Frayed Burlap distress ink was used to ink the edges of the photomats.
I would also like to thank Patricia Murray at Fox and Murray Funeral Home for sending me the pictures from his memorial servi…

Altered Tickets & Swaps

Hello Followers!
I've be volunteering over at Mini Album Scraps as a hostess to a few swaps.  Our newest swap is an Altered Ticket swap.  Sign-ups for the swap are open until the 15th of September.  If you would like to join the site and participate in swaps, which by the way is ALL FREE!!!!, click here, and join the site.
I have also created a video that shows how you can create tickets to alter if you don't have the Tim Holtz ticket die.

I hope you enjoy this little tutorial!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

Editing Videos

I'm working editing my "Travel Junk Journal" and "Peace Junk Journal" videos as I have recently learned that the music that I used in them isn't available in some countries to include Germany, where I am.  I will re-post them ones I have them working properly.
Thanks for understanding!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

Attache Case

I recently did a giveaway on my Facebook page when I hit 100 likes and this is what I made for the winner.  I made this following Paper Phenomenal's video tutorial on Ustream.  She is a great inspiration you should definitely check her out!!!!  She also has some great tutorials that you can purchase on her blog!!

I hope you enjoy!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

Gratitude Junk Journal

I entered in the April/May Junk Journal swap over at Mini Album Scraps, and we had to make a Gratitude Junk Journal for our partner.  My partner was Beverly and she said that she wanted a pretty journal to put all of their successes in.  She said that she liked all colors, but she wasn't a fan of orange and really dark colors.  
I absolutely love Basic Grey's Sweet Threads paper collection, and it is mostly all bright colors, so I used it and Echo Park's For the Record paper collection.   I LOVE the way this journal turned out!!!   I would have to say this is one of my best creations so far!!! Beverly, I hope you enjoy your journal!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

He's Here!!!!!

Hey followers, guess what??!!!  Joshua Donald has arrived!!!! (I'm a little late posting this.)
Joshua Donald Sharp Born 15 April 2012 at 1:22pm local time (Germany) 7 pounds, 14 ounces 21 1/4 inches long
We are doing GREAT!!!!  And we are so glad to have him here with us finally, he was 10 days late!!!! Born with a full head of hair, that was a surprise since our last child was completely bald and didn't have much for hair his whole 1st year.   Life is definitely good!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

LadyBug Card Tutorial

I'm finally getting into making videos for YouTube.  Here is a video that I made last year but didn't know how to piece it together until now.  It is a video on how I made the ladybug card that I posted in November of last year.
I hope you enjoy!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

"Travel" Junk Journal

A friend of mine asked me to make her a travel themed junk journal for her to add all of her European excursions to.  So here is a video of the finished journal.
I hope you enjoy!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

"Girly" Junk Journal

Here is another video of another Junk Journal that I made.  These are so much fun to make because the possibilities are endless!!!  Again the actual video isn't that great but I used my cellphone again.
I hope you enjoy!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

"Peace" Junk Journal

Here is a video of a Junk Journal that I made.  I had a really good time making this.  The video isn't very great because I used my cellphone.  
I hope you all enjoy!!!!
Happy Crafting!!!!

My Craft Projects

I'm going to try to start doing videos on YouTube.  Here is a video that I make, just playing around, getting the feel for it.  It's pictures of my craft projects put to music.

Happy Crafting!!!!

Dinosaur Birthdays!!

ALL paper is from The Paper Company Value Packs.
The first card was made for my brother for his birthday.  It is the standard measurements that I always use for my cards.  The base of the card is 5 1/2" x 8 1/2".  The light blue layer is 5 1/4" x 2 1/2" and the brown layer is 5 1/4" x 2"  The pieces were attached using my ATG gun.  I covered the "seem" of the two pieces with a piece of grosgrain ribbon attaching it to the back with Scotch tape.  I cut the dinosaur at 3 1/2" using my "Create a Critter" cartridge with my Cricut Expression and attached him using 3D-Dots.  To finish it off I used a My Pink Stamper stamp from her "Simply Sweet Occasions" set with a Stampin' Up! Classic, Chocolate Chip, stamp pad.   

This card was made for my nephew for his birthday.  All of the paper dimensions are the same for this card as the one above.  The dinosaur was cut from the same cartridge as well.  The sentiment is a stamp fro…

Question For My Followers

Does anyone know how to get involved in swaps???  I watch YouTube videos where people get home made smash books and junk journals.  I love making different things and I would like to know how to get involved in one.  Please comment below if you have any info for me.
Happy Crafting!!!!

Anything Goes Challenge Blog #58

 I'm posting this all in one blog post because I'm entering it in Anything Goes Challenge Blog's Challenge #58.   I felt the whole project was too big for one post so I've been working on posting each mini album and the toolbox in their own posts.  Today I finished up posting the mini albums on my blog, so here I posed a couple pics with a link to the individual posts. This was a craft project that I made for my husband the Vehicle Mechanic, in and out of the USAF, for Christmas. 

To see my post on the tool box click here: Tool Box

 To see my post on the socket set click here:  Socket Set

 To see my post on the drill click here:  Drill

To see my post on the wrench set click here:  Wrench Set

 To see my post on the saw please click here:  Saw

To see my post on the gears please click here:  Gears
Happy Crafting!!!!


ALL paper is from The Paper Company's Value packs.

I used my Cricut Expression with the Robotz cartridge to cut out this gear.  I traced the main part of the gear on a piece of gray cardstock, flipped it leaving two teeth touching so that they would be the fold point, and then traced it again.  I also traced the black circle and cut it out freehand, but it would be easier to cut the amount that you need with the Cricut.  I had rented the cartridge and I only cut my template one since I was unsure of how I was going to make these.

I made 6 of these and bound them together using a binding ring.

I made a little lip for one of the teeth to tuck into to keep them shut.

Here you can see it opened up, and it's easier to see the way it folds up.  On the inside there is plenty of room for a small photo and some journaling.
When you flip your template you need to be sure to make it mirror the other so that the teeth all line up right. 
Happy Crafting!!!!


ALL paper is from The Paper Company's Value packs.

As I'm sure you can tell this one was free handed all the way.  I measured out a piece of gray cardstock double the size that I wanted the saw and folded it in half.  I cut the jagged edge of the saw blade, through both layers, definitely free hand this one, it makes it look more real.  I cut the handle out, make sure you have a big enough edge on one side so it can connect into the blade.  I ran ATG tape on the inside edges of the saw blade, put the handle in, ran a little more ATG tape on top of the handle and closed it up.

I cut photo-mats so that they would fit inside the saw.  I used ribbon attached with a brad to add a grab tab to make then easier to pull out

I used eyelets, brads and ribbon to connect them all together and to connect them to the saw blade.

You need to use a good amount of ribbon so that they will fit nicely inside.
Happy Crafting!!!!

Wrench Set

ALL paper is from The Paper Company's Value packs.

I was very proud of myself when I cam up with this idea.  I cut 5 wrenches all at different sizes out of a gray cardstock.  I lined them up the way I wanted them and measured how big I needed the holder and then cut it out of a slightly different shade of gray.  I made little slits on the sides so that the wrenches could slide into to be held.  I attached the wrench holder, using my ATG gun, on to a black piece of cardstock that is folded in half and put a 1/4" border around the outside in the lighter gray.

I decided to leave the wrenches removable so that you can add journaling on the back side of them.

When you open it up there is a spot for a photo or journaling on the back of the cover.  I also added a pocket with a photo-mat inside, and there is room for another photo or journaling on the pocket.

This project is great for your bigger pictures that you can't or don't want to cut down.
Happy Crafting!!!!


ALL paper is from The Paper Company's Value packs.

This one was actually really easy to make.  I printed a picture of a drill off of a Google image search.  Then I cut it out and traced it on black paper.  I flipped it up and lined up the top so it would connect like a card, and traced it again.  Then I cut out the smaller pieces of the drill and cut them out on the proper colored cardstock and attached them with a Zig 2 Way glue pen.

When it's opened up there is room for at least one, maybe more, small pictures and journaling.
Hope you enjoy.
Happy Crafting!!!!

Socket Set

ALL paper is from The Paper Company value packs.

The cover is 2 pieces of red cardstock held together by a paper "hing" which is just a piece of black cardstock on the outside and inside. You can see this in the pictures.  The letters were just some black alpha stickers that I had, not sure on the brand.

 The "sockets" were made by cutting a scallop circle one size and then cutting a regular circle a 1/4" bigger out of a slightly different color of gray cardstock.  I used my Storybook Cricut cartridge to cut the two different circles.  Then I just made 5 different sizes.  I used the same cartridge to make 3 different size squares.  I then used the squares as a template to cut out the center to get the official socket look.

The ratchet was made by piecing together different colors of cardstock to try to make it look as real as I could.

Each row of sockets is a different page.  Here I made to little books and our oldest son decorated them for Daddy!

I connected the …

Tool Box

As you may know we are an active duty Air Force family currently stationed in Germany, which can make shopping hard.  We do a lot of our shopping online, but the wait for it to get here is killer.  For Christmas I ordered my husband some things that he wanted from Harbor Freight's website, but was pretty sure that there wasn't enough time for them to get here by Christmas.  So I decided to make a craft project to tell him what he was getting!!!  I had SOOOO much fun making this project!!!!!

My husband is a Vehicle Mechanic in the Air Force and out of the Air Force.  He is one of the very lucky people who has a job that he absolutely LOVES.  I envy him for that, not too many people are that lucky!!  When he's not at work he loves to be in the garage working on his car, a friend's car or whatever he can find.  So I saw it fit to make his project be a tool box.

The lid is held down using a hair tie and an album binding post.

I used my Storybook cricut cartridge to cut the le…