Thursday, August 15, 2013

Altered Bird Cage

This is one really made me think outside the box.  I wanted to create a 3D item, and this is what I ended up coming up with.

I used the Tim Holtz Alterations Sizzix Bigz Caged Bird Die to create this.  I cut the cage 4 times, the bird once and the wing twice out of medium weight chipboard.  Then I painted the 4 cages on both sides with Rusty Hinge Distress Paint from Tim Holtz and sprayed them with some Sunflower Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels.

I glued the sides of the cages together with some Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive and just held them until it was dry and just did that for all 4 sides.  Then I, very gently bent in the tops of the bird cages (I cut off the little bump that is on top of the hanging whole) and used the Scotch glue again to glue them together.  I also used some Tim Holtz jump rings to help hold the tops together until the glue was dry and holding.  Then I use another jump ring through the wholes on the top to hold them together and to attach the swivel clasp to. 

 I put a wing on each side of the bird and then painted it with my Viva Decor Inka golds (lava red, old silver, and orange for the bird and copper for the branch it's on) and used some Shimmerz Dazzlers (licorice stick) to accent it's color changes and hung it inside.  Then I decorated the cage with some Shimmerz Textures (crushed coral and gritty graphite), trim, flowers and other embellishments.  The flowers in the bottom corners are made of UTEE.  I melted clear UTEE in my melting pot and then poured it into a silicone flower mold.  I then painted them with red Viva Decor Precious Metals paint.

One of my favorite parts though, which I show in the 3rd picture, is I used Tim Holtz tissue tape to cover the bottom to make it look like newspaper.  The bottom is just a piece of Chipboard cut to size painted with the same paint and then glued on.  I made sure to spray the bottom with the Sunflower Glimmer Mist to it matches the rest of the cage.  The whole thing hangs on a Tim Holtz Swivel Clasp.

I would have to say that this is one of my favorite projects to date!!  I absolutely love the way it turned out and I had so much fun making it.

Happy Crafting!!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Project 7

My hubby has his own "crafting" that he does, he tears apart and rebuilds cars.  He bought a Mazda RX7 when we first arrived in Germany and he is turning it into his own little race car.  The only way I can understand it is to compare it to my crafting and he gets just as excited over car parts as I do over crafting supplies, so it must be a really awesome thing to him LOL!!!!So I wanted to make him something to recognize his project.  

I took that canvas that I messed up the first canvas transfer on and I gessoed it until you could no longer see the attempt at the image transfer.

First I used my Faber Castell Gelatos, metalic gold, squid ink, and silver and I randomly added them to the canvas and blended them in using my finger.  I also used my black gelato to distress the edges of the canvas and blended it with my finger.  Then I used a gears 6x6 mask from Crafters' Workshop and covered it with modeling paste and let it dry.  Once it was dry I used some Viva Decor Inka Gold in Copper and rubbed it all over the modeling paste using my finger.  I added a couple Tim Holtz Gears a the bottom.  I also added some sheet-rock tape in the top corner and covered it with some Copper Inka Gold as well.  I them sprayed the whole canvas with Lindy's Stamp Gang spray, Gossamer Gold. 

The 2 nuts and the screw I gessoed with grey gesso and then sprayed them with some the Gossamer Gold spray and some Burnt Umber as well.  The title I made using chipboard letters.  I attached them to a scrap piece of cardstock and carefully added pieces of aluminum foil tape over them.  You need to be really careful as the foil tape rips easy, you definitely need to use small pieces.  I used my Walnut Hallow metal working tools to help define the letters.  You just have to carefully push it down around the letters.  Then I used my tools to add some metal looking details to it.  I painted it with black acrylic paint and while it was still wet I wiped it off with a paper towel to give it the old metal look.  I also used some Copper Inka Gold to help give the foil an aged metal look.
For the gears I covered a tick piece of cardstock with my foil tape and then put it through my Sizzix Big Shot  in my Tim Holtz Gears embossing folder.  Then I cut around the image and used the acrylic black paint and the Copper Inka Gold in the same fashion as on the letters to get the aged look.
Then I picked out the pictures to put on it, with the help of my hubby and sized them to fit where I wanted them.  I used matte mod-podge to attach them to the canvas and then I added a layer over the pictures to seal them on.  
The Tim Holtz game piece at the bottom I used my versa mark pen to cover the "7" and the border (it's normally red) and then I used black UTEE to make it black to match the canvas.

I thought the picture above was the finished project, but then I decided that I wanted the pictures to stand out more.  So I outlined them with black acrylic paint and it did exactly what I wanted!!!!

The sides of the canvas are also covered with aluminum foil tape and marked up with metal working tools and I used black acrylic paint on it to give it an aged look.  I didn't get a picture of the sides before my hubby took it to work to hang on his office wall. 

I think that covers everything.  If you have any questions just ask :)

Happy Crafting!!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Diaper Trike

Back in February I threw a surprise baby shower for a girlfriend of mine here in Germany.  It was her third child and finally a boy, but she had never had a baby shower because it is not a something that they do here in Germany.  Their custom is to visit the mom and new baby in the hospital and bring a gift then.  She is married to an American so we thought we would share an American tradition with her.  

She was so surprised!!!!  I had her convinced that we were going shopping so I could buy her somethings that she needed for the baby.  Her hubby and another one of our friends offered to watch my 3 boys and their 2 kids, my hubby was doing training in the states so he wasn't here to watch our kids.  So I picked her up to go "shopping", which she had told her hubby she wasn't feeling like going and he told her, "It's free stuff for the baby, you're going"  LOL!!!!  After I picked her up I "realized" I "forgot" my cellphone at home, and with my hubby being in the states I had to go back to my house to get it.

So when we got to my house I told her to come in with me and we could load up the stuff that I was giving her from my last baby.  (We had out LAST baby in April 2012, but I still had A LOT of baby stuff, so I offered it her.)  Everyone had parked at our friend's house a cross the street and they were all in the living room.  One of her friends had brought her little girl, and the girl's shoes were in the hallway, my friend saw them and was like "who's shoes, they are so cute?"  We were all in the living room waiting for her to look up, but she was so into looking at the shoes!!!  LOL!!!  So I said "SURPRISE" and she looked up and saw everyone there and she almost cried!!!!  It was the best party I have ever thrown!!!!  

Now to get the the crafty part.  I didn't want to do the normal diaper cake, so I found a tutorial online on how to make a diaper trike.  Well I decided to give it a try and it turned out GREAT!!!!

Here is a link to the tutorial for those that want to give it a try:

View from the top:

Happy Crafting!!!!

Image Transfer onto Canvas

Hello followers!!!!

I wanted to try doing an image transfer onto a canvas, and what better way to try it then to do something for my wonderful hubby??!!

So I took one of his favorite pictures of his car and I flipped it using Photoshop so that I had a mirror image. Then I printed it off on normal printer paper and got to work.

My first attempt was a fail!!!!  I used too much glue n' seal and it washed out the picture.  That's ok though, I gessoed that canvas and used it in a later project.  

Then I picked a 6x12 canvas and tried again and this one was a SUCCESS!!!!   I wanted to decorate it up some but my hubby likes things plain and he loved it so much that he wanted to hang it in his office at work.  So I opted to leave it "plain" so that he could have it the way he wanted.  I did paint the canvas around the outside of the picture and along the sides with charcoal colored acrylic paint to cover the white of the canvas.

Happy Crafting!!!!

Valentine's Day

I'm so far behind on blogging and I apologize for that!!  I get busy watching all the wonderful crafters on YouTube and I forget to come over here and update you all.  Well let me spend some time this evening getting you all up-to-date on what I have been doing.

Lets start with the Valentine's that I made for my kids classmates and teachers.  Here they are:

I made matchboxes for the boys, they are actually red, but the color seems a little washed out to look pink in the pictures.  And I made little mini purses for the girls!!  These really are pink.

For the teachers I made a larger purse!!  I absolutely LOVED how these ones turned out!!!

I'd carry one of these everyday if it could hold everything I have in my purse!!!

And of course they were all FILLED with yummy goodies!!!!  Everyone loved them.  My oldest's teacher even took them to the teachers' lounge to show them off at lunch time before they passed them out.  My sons were so excited that everyone loved their valentines!!!!  I love being a Crafty Mom!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Green Elephant Memory Box

This is a memory box that I made as a birthday present for a friend of mine.  Her favorite thing is elephants and her favorite color is green so i just rolled with that.

I made the elephant charm hang over the edge to help hold the lid shut.  I punched a whole in the lid and put a large eyelet in it.  Then I stuck an eye pin through the eyelet, with the eye part on the inside of the box and used a jump ring to keep it from coming all the way through.  Then I curved it and decorated it with Swarovski crystals.  I rounded the end creating a loop and attached the elephant charm using a jump ring.

The tulle flower I got in a RAK swap at Mini Album Scraps from Laura Stirckland.

I used the Tim Holtz 30 game piece because she was turning 30.  I colored it with a black Sharpie and then glossy accented it.

The butterfly was a wooden butterfly.  It's either a Maya Road one or it's one that I got in a RAK from Jane at velocityvette1 on YouTube.  I'm unsure of which one I ended up using.

This flower was made following a tutorial that Fiona, at jennings644 on YouTube, made.  You use normal paper flowers, ink and embossing powder to make it look like a glass flower.  The lady bug is a handmade glass bead that I got form a friend in the Czech Republic for my birthday.

Melissa Francis keyhole.

I received a birdcage similar to this one in my RAK swap from Laura Strickland so I wanted to try to recreate it.  I used Vintage Photo crackle paint on the birdcage die cut.  Then I sprayed it with some glimmer mists, Black Magic, Tattered Leather and English Ivy.  I added the chain with the butterfly charm.  The flowers and leaves I misted with English Ivy as well.  The stickpins are ones that I have received in RAKs or as extras in swaps.

I love how this tuned out!!!

Close up of the flower, again made by Laura Strickland.

Pretty Box!!!!

Inside lid holds a standard 4x6 photo.

I got the little wooden people in a RAK from Jane, velocityvette1.  I inked them with Tim Holtz Distressed inks, Salty Ocean and Picked Raspberry.  The same with the little heart and it was inked with Tim Holtz Distressed ink Barn Door.

Tim Holtz key.

I hope you enjoyed my pictures.  If you have any questions please just ask. 

Thanks for looking!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

Christmas Matchboxes

My oldest son wanted matchboxes to take to school at Christmas time to give to all of his classmates.  So these are what we came up with.  

We decided to make them look like presents and sealed them with a kiss :)

I used the Stampin' Up! matchbox die to make these and it also cuts out the little labels so we used them to label them all.

Red with Green Ribbon, it was a satin Ribbon from Paper Trey Ink.

Green with Red Ribbon, Pure Poppy is the color of the ribbon, from Paper Trey Ink.

Lots of boxes!!

And of course a special one for his teacher!!  I used Graphic 45's Nutcracker Sweet paper to make the box and the Rosette.  The kiss seals the Rosette and then there's a star stick pin stuck in behind it. 

Sorry this is blurry,  I was trying to get some quick pics with my phone before he left with them.

A view of the side.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these!!  I would have liked to do more to them but he asked me to do them like 2 days before his class party.  So I did what I could with the time given :)

Thanks for looking!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

Halloween Altered Matchboxes

I know I am VERY late uploading these.  My New Year's resolution was to get more active on my blog and on my YouTube Channel, which is kjsharp82.  So I'm working on loading projects that I have completed lately and then I hope to get working on some new ones to share!!

These altered Matchboxes were made for a swap that I hosted at Mini Album Scraps.  The swaps was back in September of 2012.

It was make 3 to swap and 1 to keep yourself.

I filled mine with German candy, as a treat for those in the states.  German candy is so good!!

Who couldn't love that face?!?!

Thank you for checking these out and stay turned for more posts of other projects that I have completed!!

Happy Crafting!!!!