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About Me

Hi Followers!!!!

I thought I would tell you all a little more about me.  

Currently I am an Air Force Wife and a stay at home mom to our 3 boys.  We have David who is 8 years old, Michael who is 3 years old and Joshua who was born April 15th, 2012.  We are stationed in Germany, near Spangdahlem Air Base.  We live in a little town called Bettenfeld close to Manderscheid.  We have been in Germany since October 2010.  I'm trying to enjoy it but it's hard.  It's difficult to make friends and it's cold and rainy all the time, or at least it seems like it is, it definitely has been this summer.  I'm looking forward to exploring Europe though as we have 2 years left here.

I grew up on a farm in Northern New York.  I had a lot of good times at the barn with my brothers.  I have 5 brothers, all older.  We didn't all live together though as 3 of them were half brothers.  

I went to college for a couple of years majoring in Elementary Education, while working for United Helpers Inc., taking care of the mentally handicapped.  I ended up losing my financial aide due to making too much, I tried to keep going, paying tuition out of pocket but that was just too much.  A friend of mine was thinking of joining the Air Force so I went with her to the recruiter's office and signed the papers the same day.  Two months later I was off to basic training.

The military was one of the best experiences of my life.  I was a Vehicle Operator and I will be honest I loved my job very much!  I deployed to Afghanistan in 2007 for a gun truck convoy assignment where I ended up being the only female in the crew and a gunner of my Humvee!!  Shortly after returning from my deployment I met my husband.  After 2 months of dating he proposed and 2 months later we were married.  Some of you may say "WOW! That's crazy!!" well it's 4 years later and I love him even more than I did back then.  We decided that when my enlistment was up I would separate from the military so that our kids would have one parent who never deployed.  So in February 2010, I separated from the military.  Shortly after my husband got orders for us to move to Germany and so here we are!!!!

I really got in to crafting since we have been here in Germany.  With being a stay at home mom and the weather being so cold and rainy all the time, I needed an indoor hobby.  I was already a scrapbooker so I just expanded on that.  I love learning how to make new things!!!  I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and then recreating things, I love the challenge!!!

So please continue to follow my blog to see the creations I make!!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!


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Dragon Cricut Cut

This is just a dragon cut that my son David asked me to "make" for him.  It is from the "Designer's Calendar" Cricut cartridge.  I used a piece of 6x6 red cardstock.  It was from The Paper Company's Heritage Color Sheets.  I selected the dragon to cut and then I selected the "fit to page" button on my Cricut Expression to get the biggest cut possible with the size paper that I was using.
*Note:  If you are making a cut using the "fit to page" button that has layers, make sure you note the size so you can set your size dial for the layers so they will fit properly.
Happy Crafting!!!!

Altered Bird Cage

This is one really made me think outside the box.  I wanted to create a 3D item, and this is what I ended up coming up with.

I used the Tim Holtz Alterations Sizzix Bigz Caged Bird Die to create this.  I cut the cage 4 times, the bird once and the wing twice out of medium weight chipboard.  Then I painted the 4 cages on both sides with Rusty Hinge Distress Paint from Tim Holtz and sprayed them with some Sunflower Glimmer Mist by Tattered Angels.
I glued the sides of the cages together with some Scotch Quick Dry Tacky Adhesive and just held them until it was dry and just did that for all 4 sides.  Then I, very gently bent in the tops of the bird cages (I cut off the little bump that is on top of the hanging whole) and used the Scotch glue again to glue them together.  I also used some Tim Holtz jump rings to help hold the tops together until the glue was dry and holding.  Then I use another jump ring through the wholes on the top to hold them together and to attach the swivel clasp to.


Time to Create a Unique View

This is an altered canvas that I created for Diemond Dies' Design Team call.  It was my first big mixed media project and I absolutely love how it turned out!!!!

I got lots of different close up pics.

I just love that clock piece in the corner!

This view finder die is a must have, it was so much fun to use!  I cut it in black chipboard and then again in chipboard covered in white paper.  I then took the squares from the black one that I cut out and put them in the white one and it actually looks like a view finder disc!!

Don't forget the sides of your canvases!

So pretty!

The arrow is pointing to the way to read the words for the title of the canvas, completely unintentional.

Love those butterflies.  I got these in a swap but I know you can find them on Etsy!

Well I hope you enjoyed my pics, if you have any questions please just ask.  As you will see in future posts I did end up making the team.  Yay me!!  It's my very first DT so it has been super exciting!!!!  Dee, the …