Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Socket Set

ALL paper is from The Paper Company value packs.

The cover is 2 pieces of red cardstock held together by a paper "hing" which is just a piece of black cardstock on the outside and inside. You can see this in the pictures.  The letters were just some black alpha stickers that I had, not sure on the brand.

 The "sockets" were made by cutting a scallop circle one size and then cutting a regular circle a 1/4" bigger out of a slightly different color of gray cardstock.  I used my Storybook Cricut cartridge to cut the two different circles.  Then I just made 5 different sizes.  I used the same cartridge to make 3 different size squares.  I then used the squares as a template to cut out the center to get the official socket look.

The ratchet was made by piecing together different colors of cardstock to try to make it look as real as I could.

Each row of sockets is a different page.  Here I made to little books and our oldest son decorated them for Daddy!

I connected the pages with folded pieces of cardstock on the edges only so that they formed pockets.

I then decorated the backs of the pages with pictures of our boys.

I also added pictures on photo-mats into the pockets.

My Husband was very impressed with the detail that I put into this album, and I have to say I was too.  I truly love how this project came out.

Stay tuned for even more mini albums included in this project!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!

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