Saturday, August 6, 2011

Oh My Craziness!!!

This trip has been completely crazy!!!  We are still sitting in Germany waiting to get a flight out to the states.  We are heading into day 5 of waiting starting tomorrow morning!!  We are getting a lot closer to the top of the list though, so that's progress!!!  An extra bonus we were finally able to get a hotel room for the night!  We've been staying in the terminal or in our van at night, it has made for an even rougher trip.  But tonight we got to get a shower, sit and relax, watch some TV and sleep in a real bed.  We will be back up and at it tomorrow morning!!!

Please keep your fingers crossed for us to get out of here tomorrow, I really want to see my Mom and the rest of the family!!!

Happy Crafting!!!!


  1. Oh wow, Kerri, I was stuck in LAX once for almost 20 hours and I thought I would go crazy -- I don't know how you have done it for 5 days! My fingers are crossed that you get out tomorrow and are able to see your family! Safe travels :)


  2. Thanks Lisa!!! After 7 days we finally got out and to the states!!! I love your support!!!