Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Yay!! Another Update!!

So I just wanted to update you all once again.  We are trying to fly out of Germany headed stateside tonight.  We are actually leaving our house in a couple hours to head to the airport.  We are flying what is called Space-A, for those of you who aren't military affiliated I'll explain it.  We will go to the airport and sign up, then once they know how many seats are available they will start calling people up and if you are called you get on the plane, if not you have to wait for the next plane.  I'm sure many of you may be thinking, Oh wow why would you want to do that???  Well once you are chosen for a flight you and your family fly for FREE!!!  I personally would rather wait for a flight then pay thousands of dollars for my family of 4 to fly stateside.  It's a little perk for the military.  So that's what we are headed out to try to do tonight.  Wish us luck and keep your fingers crossed for us please!!!
So you will see probably very little or no posts from me for about the next 3 weeks.  Well, I will post little updates as to what we are doing, but no craft projects.  I won't have my craft supplies will me, I asked my husband if I could pack them and he laughed at me.  We will be enjoying seeing the families and soaking up some sun in the states, it's been raining here ALL summer.  I need sun!!  I'm really going to miss the challenges though, I was really getting into them.  But I will still visit your blogs to see what everyone is entering!!! 
So please don't leave me!!!  I will be back by the end of August and I'll be right back to crafting!!!


  1. GOOD LUCK making the flight tonight! And have a safe, fun and exciting vacation visiting with your families :)